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Imagine the beauty of a moment, captured, frozen in time, then living it every day for eternity.

my name is laura

I first picked up a camera out of a love of storytelling. I wanted light and color and depth to mean something in each photograph. I wanted to keep memories in tangible forms so I could recall them at a glance long after the memories had begun to fade....


...I am a storyteller. An old soul. My goal is to create the safest, most transparent environment for you to be YOU. I don't want to create the moment, I want to capture the one that already exists. The one you've spent a lifetime creating.

As a mama myself, I realize more and more each day how important the role of a Mother is in a child’s life. I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers over the past few years and each one has an incredible and unique beauty about them. I capture your story in a romantic, true and fleeting way, leaving you with timeless images for you and your family to cherish forever.

When I’m not photographing, creating, or involved in my mama duties, you can find me snuggled up at home with my son, probably watching a disney movie, hanging with my husband and puppy, Bago. I love to spend quality time with loved ones & the perfect end to a long day to me is a warm bubble bath with candles & a glass of wine.

Thank you for stopping by, I'm happy you are here. If I haven't already, I really hope to meet you and capture your family one day!

Much love,
Laura Dove

© 2018 by  LAURA DOVE

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 Greater Boston, MA  Photographer Specializing in Birth Stories & Motherhood Photography. Maternity l Newborn l Family l Children l Lifestyle l Postpartum l Breastfeeding

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